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Indie Developers: Ouya Owes Us Thousands of Dollars

11 hours 32 min ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Emanuel Maiberg:
On Monday, gaming peripheral company Razer announced that it acquired the software and part of the team behind Ouya, which infamously raised $8.5 million through crowdfunding in 2012 to build an Android-based microconsole. It was a desperate move for the struggling small console maker—and now some indie developers who worked on Ouya games say they’re being screwed by the acquisition.
Multiple independent developers who wish to remain anonymous have told Motherboard that contracts they had originally signed with Ouya, which promised to pay them thousands of dollars, will not be honored as a result of the acquisition.
For a console that was crowdfunded on...

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Electronic Monitoring by Employers

1 day 2 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Esther Kaplan:

Every aspect of an office worker’s life can now be measured, and an increasing number of corporations and institutions — from cosmetics companies to car-rental agencies — are using that information to make hiring and firing decisions. Cramer, for one, is bullish on the idea: investing in companies like Cornerstone, he said, “can make you boatloads of money literally year after year!”
A survey from the American Management Association found that 66 percent of employers monitor the Internet use of their employees, 45 percent track employee keystrokes, and 43 percent monitor employee email. Only two states, Delaware and Connecticut, require companies to inform their employees that such...

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Road to Gehenna on Live

5 days 3 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

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DEFCON: Everybody Dies

5 days 11 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Due to the & shutdown I will be republishing my reviews from those sites.
Computer-room four star generals should be pleased with the latest real time offerings on hand for PC players. Company of HeroesSupreme Commander, and the continuing adventures and re-releases in the Command and Conquer series all provide hope for the waning innovation in PC strategy. Does Defcon? Let us find out together, you and I.
Let me start by saying that I’d like to ignore the hype surrounding Defcon. This is a unique independent game that however ends up sounding like marketing spiel itself. We should instead take it on the terms that we are given: simply as a game. And as a game, it’s a good one.

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Road to Gehenna

5 days 12 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game from Croteam that I found to be top fun in my review. They’ve just released the first expansion to the game, Road to Gehenna. You should get it, I’ll have a video for it later today.
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6 days 7 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Speaking of unknowingly acquiring games, PICO-8 showed up in my Lexaloffe account recently. Lexaloffe are a small game developer who also produce what they call Fantasy Consoles, like PICO-8. Fantasy Consoles are game consoles that only exist in software but have similar limitations for developers to a real console.
For example, PICO-8 limits developrs to 128×128 pixels with 16 colors and like older 8-bit computers that had their own versions of BASIC and a minimal operating system you can launch games and switch to the editor in order to immediately start developing your own in...

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No Time to Explain Remastered

6 days 8 hours ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Alex Nichiporchik has a fascinating story about how the first No Time To Explain got made, and almost didn’t.:

We’re about to release No Time To Explain on Xbox One, and a “Remastered” version on Steam. The game’s finally been rebuilt in a proper engine (Unity), with developers who actually know how to code games. Neither Tom Brien or I — the pair who started tinyBuild four years ago — know how to code properly. We can do rapid prototyping, but we’re in no way professional programmers. This is one of the main reasons why the original release of No Time to Explain sucked.
I’ve had this weight on my shoulders for four years, and it seems the right time to finally tell the story of how tinyBuild was...

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Temper Tantrum on Live

1 week 4 days ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Don’t buy Temper Tantrum unless you want to gift it to a friend and pass the curse of how awful it is on to them. This game is terrible. After recording the video I consulted the wisdom of the Temper Tantrum Steam forum and found out that the assets in the game are all from the Unity asset store. Not that you couldn’t make a good game with Unity assets, but in this case there seemed to be minimal effort into what could have been a Rampage or King of the Monsters style game.
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Balloon Fight on Live

1 week 4 days ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

Balloon Fight was a game I had missed out on when I was younger and wish I had gotten to sooner. The sad news this week was all the encouragement needed to go back and try out the 20-balloon-in-a-row challenge from Game Center CX. Always collect the bubble.
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1 week 5 days ago by TimeDoctor on TimeDoctor

If you were thinking about finding out if Linux had any games, where might you go? Well, if you type “Linux Games” into Google today or if you were to look up a website on the Yahoo! directory in the 90s, you would have ended up on
During the early 2000s I was hanging out in the #loki IRC channel and had been writing for my own sites, a few weeks of pestering later and Dustin “Crusader” Reyes was good enough to give me a chance to write for
There were always other sites like Happy PenguinHolarse, and today the major place I would look to is Gaming on...

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End of Era

1 week 6 days ago by Marv on

After 17 years on the Internet, AtomicGamer, the site who has been hosting LinuxGames is shutting down at the end of the month. I think it is time also that we put LinuxGames to bed as well. It has been a wild and fascinating ride all these years watching the Linux community mature and come […]

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Best Places for Free-to-Play Games

1 month 3 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Gaming is getting expensive these days. A new system is going to cost you a bare minimum of $300 dollars and that’s before you even have a game to go with it, meaning you’ll need to spend $50 to $70 more and sign up for all the additional accounts required for online play. It’s a heck of an investment, especially for someone with a proclivity... Read More »

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Limit Load, new arcade combat flight simulator

2 months 2 weeks ago by Julius on Free Gamer

Stealth development might not be very "open-sourceish", but it sometimes makes for some nice surprises in our project showcase forum.This time it was the completely new open-source game Limit Load, self described as:A cockpit flight game that is more of an arcade than a sim. The game is built on the Panda3D game engine. It is similar to the ancient games like the classic Wings or the very good Strike Commander. The story and the atmosphere are important elements of the game, so a lot of focus is placed on that too.Here is some in-game action and it seems quite polished already for such a new game:Licensing of assets is still a bit...

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Dex Released

2 months 3 weeks ago by TimeDoctor on

There aren’t a lot of 2D side-scrolling RPGs, I can’t think of any that aren’t from consoles like Odin Sphere on the Playstation 2 and Valkyrie Profile on the Playstation and Playstation Portable. Certainly none were cyberpunk. We’ve had a resurgence of cyberpunk gaming with the isometric Shadowrun Returns, the third-person Republique, and the first-person […]

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Old school 2D RTS Wyrmsun is looking to be greenlit

2 months 3 weeks ago by Julius on Free Gamer

We were kindly made aware by the main developer of the 2D RTS Wyrmsun that he is currently looking for support to get this game on the Steam platform (link includes a game-play video).Here is a description of the game we got from him:In Wyrmsun, humans, elves and dwarves all seek to carve a place for themselves on their different homeworlds, with humans living on Earth, dwarves dwelling on Nidavellir, and elves inhabiting Alfheim. In the game's missions, each world follows separate storylines, but the various civilizations can be mixed and matched in custom games.Wyrmsun features:

  • Retro-style graphics
  • 2...

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