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Wine development release 2.5

1 month 3 weeks ago by RootGamer on

The Wine development release 2.5 is now available. What’s new in this release (see below for details): – Support for message-mode named pipes. – Translation of version resources through po files. – Transform feedback support in Direct3D. – Scheduler classes in C++ runtime. – Better scrolling in popup menus. – More improvements to the XML

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Usability patch for Transport Fever !

1 month 3 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Urban Games team, is happy, to officially release the long-awaited Transport Fever patch! This major patch brings a long list of usability and user interface improvements, more stability on Mac computers, better performance, new languages, many bug fixes, and several new features. New features include the replace-vehicles-now functionality, railway double slip switches, track speed limit

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R-Type. LIL TANKS – on Steam Tuesday, April 4

1 month 4 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Indie dev Lead Money Games knows ‘90s arcades inside and out, and the result is this glorious shoot ’em up with impeccable pixel graphics, animation, and music. STORY & GAMEPLAY The Cuur have invaded Earth and started terraforming the planet – changing the land and altering the atmosphere to their liking. In a last-ditch effort,

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Clash of Aggression – updated

1 month 4 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Clash of Aggression is a single/online third person shooter featuring 12 maps on 5 different game modes. Each map has it’s unique ambience and has a mix of medieval and modern action. You can play with up to 3 friends against the enemy horders, or up to 16 players in a deathmatch arena. Each player manages

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Manipulated – to be released soon

2 months 1 day ago by RootGamer on

Manipulated is a logic platformer with a lot of puzzles and plot twists by Wolfray Entertainment, which should launch soon. Including Linux support.

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Ancient Beast updated and the Deceiver

2 months 1 week ago by Free Gamer on Free Gamer

Ancient Beast 0.3 is here (blog post, forum announcement)! This gorgeously drawn game makes another step towards the vision of its developers.Heya! It’s been too long since the last release, about 3 years; long time indeed.We’ve finally repaired the prototype and added several new playable creatures, along with more features,goodies and bug fixes, not to mention that all the old units have been pretty much revamped.A ton of work, but it was totally worth it!Ancient Beast is a player vs player turn based strategy game played online where you command all manner of creatures (3D...

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Protected: Linux online luck

2 months 2 weeks ago by RootGamer on

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Download: Birdsketball

2 months 2 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Easy to pick up, hard to master The controls are simple. But to fly around effectively takes skill and practice to master. Here are some tips for improving your game: Take your finger off the flap button sometimes: You will rotate faster when idle, and it’s often it’s faster to drop down with gravity than

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Installer for OpenJK

2 months 2 weeks ago by RootGamer on

This is a launcher an installer for OpenJK(Open source modification of Star Wars Jedi Academy) Currently only supports Linux 64 bit You must have Jedi Academy Installed for this to work. If you are using Steam follow this instructions: Download and Install SteamCMD SteamCMD Set the download path using steamCMD, force_install_dir Using SteamCMD Set the

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Make Way for Galahad!

2 months 2 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Galahad is around the corner, with only a few more days of waiting left. Want to know what is heading your way?  Check out the Galahad update trailer here: currently the game is still in beta and will be released on July 17th.

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