What is the 'not up to date' link for?

What is the 'not up to date' link for? It's only on some games, others have 'report update' instead.


This is not useful at the moment
well, users can change the status of a game too "not up to date" to report that this game had a new release. BUT i never implemented the part for the admins... so even if the status is changed it doesnt show up anywhere.... should it be finished?

Yes please! I've gotten a couple of PM's telling me to update my games :\

ok, first attempt: on "my content" on your user page u find the list of the content you submitted now with a tag "new version" when someone reported an update.
if the site is up to date click on the "not up to date" link on the game page to remove the notice.

It's kind of confusing, clicking on 'not up to date' to say the game is up to date.

Well its confusing if a link acts as information and an option to reset the information. maybe there are some design possibilities to deal with that. But i have no idea.
To make it more clear, i switched from informational name to a name that shows what happens if you click the link. It now reads: "Reset update report".
the info was not so vital after all.