Project Bossanova

I have stumbled on news of project Bossanova while going through the list of games using Unigine (

I was checking out MMT on indieDB, and I have found contradicting statements.

The winner of the project, MMT, was originally a windows game. Now apparently is MOSTLY a linux game (the win port has not been dropped)
At the same time OMGUbuntu states: "With Project Bossanova, our aim is to deliver the first ever 3D game to run exclusively on Linux" (

The project bossanova website is unreachable (at least from the southern hemisphere).


PS: MMT is not in the DB as today


Bossanova and MMT are different projects.
Bossanova aims to get donations and invest it in some promising project to create "first ever 3D game to run exclusively on Linux". About a half year ago they've set up a voting (which game to choose to invest money in) - five games, among which there was MMT. People voted and MMT became a winner.
MMT is a project being developed by small company which earlier focused on creating commercial MMO server and decided to create promotional game using their own technology. They were initially planning to make windows game, but they lacked funding and tried to seek investor. Then they've found Bossanova and participated (and, as already mentioned, have won voting). The game client is developed with Unigine (server side is written with C#/Mono), so it's easy for them to switch to Linux.
I've seen one of MMT authors commenting on popular russian Linux forum. Here's google.translate'ion:

A few words on what a MMT.
Our team of full time doing exactly what the server for MMO games. At some point, we decided to do an online self-promotion game prototype with our server. Literally from one artist and the outsourcing of animation (it now looks horribly) for the half year was collected demo. To hide the lack of content in it was a camera on top and somewhat cartoonish, burned-gamma. The project showed at GDC 2009, but as something with no result.
Now, having communicated with the owners of Project Bossanova, we decided to upgrade to the latest version of the engine and put a demo for the contest. If you win the funding - we have to develop another game with these developments. Too MMORPG, but with a full content from a third person camera, the normal range, etc. And of course, with a normal name, story and gameplay:) At the moment, one thing is clear - we will not afford a huge seamless world. Approximately one location (or dungeon open area) will take a month of work, so for a year and a half can be done only 12-18 locations that for the vast world frankly is not enough. Because we stayed on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmodularity - a few cities, and from there jumps to locations / Battleground / dungeon, as in the Torchlight, Guild Wars, Diablo, etc. Thus, we are all still going to make one unique location in the month, but each collect on 3-4 different levels, with different mobs, scripts and tasks. And to build the game so much easier. And of course, is a sin not to use a server which is already in the last 7 years, honed to perfection and easily pull several thousand online, pvp, dungeons, guilds, etc.:)

Somehow I forgot, it is necessary to show Well, our project on Linux for OpenGL works:

Bossanova guys didn't gave us money for development.. Now we are looking for another investor and trying to do something without funding :(
This is why MMT most likely will not be Linux exclusive.

Projectbossanova website is back online.
I am downloading MMT and will test it out right away

The game runs, but there is some connection problem, so I can't login.

In the terminal I get a connection error, but the IP pings.

I will try again eventually