Wikipedia got lots of game entry

Wikipedia got lots of game entry, push the number up to 420, while here we closing to 930.

When will we make it 1000? As if getting those mature game made by Ren'py, and java game. This will be very soon.


Of course we all wait when the database will grow up to 1000 entries (btw, when I found, it contained only ~245 games ;) , but LGDB's aim is not to collect as much games as we can. Instead, we should try to add only those, which really deserve interest of majority of Linux gamers. Also, I think that after reaching 1K games we can start to make "database cleanup" of those games who became abandoned, died, etc.

So, don't hurry. Reaching 1000 entries is inevitable, and it will be great if each of these 1000 games will be interesting.

There are 5 funny games from Grubby Games , which are not in database...

Demos are here , but full versions only on trrntz.

these games aren't available anymore for linux

I thought I submitted it, its one of the game I did translation.

I think it is dead, was it important for the history of gaming on linux? - I don't think so.

It cloned a game which is important to gaming history.

3 Fizzwizzle games are in the database, and they are still sold by Anawiki.
Upd: I was wrong, anawiki's purchase link leads to nowhere.

> What about future WebGL games like Emberwind?
We don't include browser based games, but with few exceptions (like Quake Live), because there are too many of them.