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I think that among other features in games list might be license. It would be great to sort games not only as free/nonfree, but additionally as OpenSource (GPL/CC) / closed source.


Then someone has to provide the information and as artwork and game code usually have different license this is not an easy task. so far its to cumbersome. This is an ongoing process and we are discussing changes.

I understand you are FOSS fan, but games are not necessaryly Free/Libre/OpenSource.

You may consider content as tools though, which could be not in the eye of designers.

Peace, send me personnal message if you have something to tell me.

I did think about it 3 years ago.
The Troducts and Tools

'Linux and GNU are sort of rebeling to Captilism, which ultimize the resources to archive a goal became gaint group in their field thus gain profit._ and now, the business have a symbol conversation to Entertainment, many new technology is just about entertaining and enclosed the consumers - while, Linux do not want the properity world, WE demand rar, mp3, DVD, Blu-ray, .doc, .h264 and whatever to be opened completely.

DRM, DVD, whatever type of the business, they do not like the theory of Linux become popular. Those software vendors care profit much, better hold own field to fight on Windows/Mac, which they are easily to be understood.

Any commercial properity software will see great sales under linux if there is alternative?
Advertising is not signifcant as the effectiveness of build-in software promotion nature inside Linux distributions. OK people may believe companies rather than community - or this just don't make sense.

Linux is not acceptable by Entertainment Industry/
Cracker group like linux, however, they difference is obvious. Wether products or Tools are more important, Hackers love Tools more - this is Marxism - its better to output than import; yet stop the pace to it protect the profits.

No way to let the Video Games, Video/Audio open source as if they are Final Products, for consumers; only those Tools are goal to obtain in a "Libre/Open World".

Rough translation for now.

My thoughts, about 3 years ago.

Open/Closed source tags are already available.
If you've meant specifying licence explicitly - it will be a big burden. At the same time people mostly don't care, what licence exactly it is, until it's free (as beer), so I think it's not worth it.

I care about license! When I`m searching for game through lgdb I`m getting angry, when there are free but closed source games in search results

I agree with toney to an extent.
It would be good to filter closed source games out, especially for the ones that care about giving some kind of contribution.
It doesn't need to be cumbersome. The licence tags could include 'unknown', so everyone could look up the license and report it to an admin

I think the issue is not about open-source/non-free, but about closed-source/free.