My impressions

Hi! I've registered few days ago, an here's my impressions about this website (I will mainly focus on critics (so you can improve something), but it doesn't mean there's nothing I liked in your website =).

I've posted some games (and I'm planning to post more), but current genre choice offered seems confusing to me.
First of all, there's lack of section for text based games and visual novels (I do have 2 VN's to post). So, it's good to add something like "Text Based / Visual Novel" or "Interactive Fiction" (like it's called on happypenguin) to Genre section.
The children and educational game section should be also added. However, these two genres are ofted combined, so it's good to give them one section, like happypenguin does - "Children/Educational".
Board and card games should be introduced as two separate Genres, not Subgenres (what genre too choose for them, if not ? I don't think that strategy or simulation will be really appropriate).
Puzzle should be also moved to Genre (maybe it's worth to rename it to "Puzzle / Logical", it will be more obvious, what to put inside then).
Same with Programming.
IMO, it's also worth to distinguish Economics as separate Genre. I'm not sure, if it is a good idea, but it may be possible to distinguish Tycoon games and merge them with economics - "Economics / Tycoon".
Party can be renamed to Music (and Music should be deleted from subgenres). I don't really see the reason to separate this terms (all games currenty tagged as Party are also tagged as Music - the two exceptions exist, but the first isn't really a game and the second is rather misplaced (KreiselBall - how can it be the party game, if there's only single player available ?)).
It's not really easy to guess, what is Social subgenre meant for and what Genre will such a games have? Life simulation (Second Life, Sims-like, etc.) ? Maybe it's better to introduce Genre like "Life / Social simulation". (BTW, there's Mystic Mine inappropriately included in Social games, check it out).
Ego Shooter may be also confusing for some people, why not to rename it to more familiar "First Person Shooter".
Fighting Genre may be added.
I see no big reason to introduce "Shoot / Beat 'em Up" subgenre. Most games in Action/Arcade genre will be shoot / beat'em up games. Yes, there will be lots of exceptions, but, in fact, "shoot / beat'em up" isn't really informative - there can be really different games in such a subgenre, and I think there will be few people, that will use this subgenre as a criteria for database quering.
Others/Misc category may be added.
All genres/subgenres should be well commented - it's not obvious (at least for me), what games belong to Navigate.
I think it's good to show only appropriate subgenres for currently selected genre.

To sum it up, here's how I see it (user must be informed, that it is not obligatory to choose subgenre):

* Action
-- First Person Shooter
-- Third Person Shooter
-- Tactical Shooter
-- Platform
* Fighting
* Adventure
-- Platform
* Arcade
-- Platform
-- Scroller
* Visual Novel / Text Based
* Children / Educational
* Board Games
* Card Games
* Puzzle / Logical
* Programming
* Economics / Tycoon
* Music
* Role Playing
-- Roguelike
* Simulation
-- Navigate ???
-- Flying
-- Driving
-- Sports
* Strategy
-- Real Time Strategy
-- Turn Based Strategy
* Other

Game Themes - they are rather good, but it is worth to rename WW2 to something like WW1&WW2. Also, if we have Present/Futuristic, it's good to add Past theme.

Game Features & Game Modes & Game Input. I think they should be merged in one category named Tags, which will contain following:

* Singleplayer
* Multiplayer
* Internet
* Bots
* Deathmatch
* Capture The Flag
* Joystick
* Gamepad
* Microphone
* Steering Wheel
* Editor

IMO, other options are rather useless.

Game Graphics - text (console) category should be added (for roguelike games as an exaple).

Operating Systems - Linux should be always chosen unexplicitly. Category should be renamed to "Additional/Other Operating Systems". The only choice of Mac/Win isn't good - there are lots of games working on *BSD. Sometimes there are also Amiga, BeOS/Haiku, MSDOS supported. At least these OS should be also listed (it's also possible to give user ability to manually specify OS). Alternatively - the whole category may be removed (this is a Linux game DB =)

Early development - not obvious, what it means. No playable at all ? Demo ? Alpha/Beta ? Tech demo ? Planning ? Should be commented.

Source - I'm not sure, but maybe 'Partially Closed Source' should be added.

Distribution. It's hard to fill this category and, IMO, it's usefulness is under question.
Everyone is interested in his(her) own distro, and the easiest way to check game availability is just to query Synaptic/Apt/Packman/whatever_you_use. It takes some time, but if you're interested in game, it won't be problem for you.
When submiting info, not everyone wants to visit each distros website and query online package database for all branches.
It's not obvious, what does package availability means. What if the package is provided at developers website, but it's not included in offical repos ? What if package is included only in unofficial repos? If Debian package is present only in Sid - should it be marked as available for Debian ? Testing/Experimental ? How to quickly track information about package inclusion in more stabile branches and update information (in other words, information on website may be always outdated) ?

Payment - I'm not sure that all users (especially young) are familiar with micropayment term.

"Body" should be renamed to "Description"

"Homepage" may be renamed to "Homepage and useful links"

Release Date & Dependency - as I've seen, this information is used in the website addition news for each game. I'm not sure if it is good idea to make such a dependency, because there are some games which for is impossible to determine release date. Also, there are lots of games relesed before 2003, so 2003-2009 interval isn't good.

Left panel: "Game attributes" should be renamed to Browse Games or Browse Database. Create Content should be renamed to Add Content. These are slight changes, but they make it easier to navigate. BTW, why is previous list level element name is repeated in next list level (I mean, when I expand "Game attributes" I see first element named "Game attributes" once again (I'm using FF 3.5.6)).

Player account page -> Games.
Why is "player_xxx plays these games" and actually game list is listed twice ? Was it meant to show "player_xxx plays these games" and "player_xxx posted these games" ?

I've already asked, but I'll ask again - I think that game updates should be easily posted by other users, not only by original posters. For an exaple, if I want to update game screenshots, then I should just press Edit (like if this game was posted by me) and do what I want. Then it automatically goes to moderator/admin approvement (like it is done on happypenguin).

Well, that's all I wanted to tell (hope, I hadn't forgot anything). As I've already said, I've focused only on critics (so don't get angry =), and of course it's up to you to implement features I've mention or not. Why am I writing all of this ? I'm always seeking new Linux games, and I wish there was a centralised database where I could post information about the games I've found. I've recently submitted info to happypenguin, but, to be honest, there are some problems with it - the website isn't really user-friendly and it's rather difficult to navigate and find games you might be interested in. Also, there's something terrible happening with game approval (more than 2 weeks, wtf?), it seems that some games are just lost. So, I'm searching for another website, where I could post information. is looking much better, but, IMO, you currently have some serious problems I've tried to describe. Happypenguin have now approximately ten times bigger DB, but if you'll perform website improvements, it will be a matter of time to fill your database (at least I'll post as much as I can). I've mentioned lots of small issues, but you should understand, that they make a serious barrier for to become more popular. It's very difficult to post info about some game, if you don't know what Genre, Subgenre, etc. to choose. Posting games must be as easy as possible. Also, posting a game _must_ be possible, if you hadn't played the game. For an example - I've found some website with Linux game noone had seen before, but I don't like the genre / I don't like the screenshots / they don't have a packages for my distribution / I don't have required libraries / I've encountered some problems while compiling. In other words, I'm not going to play it, I just want to submit an information. And when as one of the first questions I'm asked, if this game is playable with mouse or keyboard (which may be unobvious), my first thoughts are "what the... , is that really that important ?". I want to say, it's currently much easier to post new game to happypenguin than lgdb. If some information about the game is unimportant, these fields should be marked as unimportant. People should see, what info is a must, what is preferred, and what is just optional.

I hope that everything I wrote will be useful for you, and I really hope, that you'll implement at least some features I've mentioned.


TODO list:

1. Rethink game categories:
- reorganize [b]Genre[/b] and [b]Subgenre[/b]
- [s]add "Visual Novel / Text Based", "Children / Educational"[/s]
- [s][b]Game Graphics[/b] add "text / console"[/s]
- [s]remove [b]Operating Systems[/b][/s]
- write explanations for all categories.
- conceal [b]Distribution[/b] it only makes sense with the package field.
- [s]optimize [b]Game Themes[/b][/s]
- optimize [b]Game Features & Game Modes [s]& Game Input[/s][/b]

2. do some renaming and deleting:
- [s]"Body" to "Description"[/s]
- [s]"Homepage" to "Homepage and useful links"[/s]
- [s]delete the "Games" tab from users page.[/s]

3. Rethink "Game attributes"
- [s]come up with another way to make this information useful.[/s]

4. make it possible for all users to change data.
- make use of revisions
- game admin

Some changes will require a lot of work (database structure changes, etc.), but I truly believe it is worth to do it.

There is a big problem to make it possible for all users to submit changes. the current implementation of the image upload procedure prohibits the possibility to use drupals build-in revision system.
With the revisions all users would just post "changes" to the current game page that could be easily redone by moderators.
That said, it will take some time before this can be implemented. Not expecting that situation i'm very unhappy :(

By the way, I think that I slightly underrated Shoot/Beat 'em up category - looks like it's much more useful than it seemed to me first.
Also, thanks for adding visual novel category, I'll post few games soon.