Just a heads up! This is not a native Linux port.

Since when do we list Windows games wrapped in WINE on LGDB?



Thank you, what a mess MonoApp-->WinMono-->Wine...

What about Incognito?

Looks like Incognito also uses NeoAxis engine. However, in my opinion they both should be published.
The "bad thing" about Wine (which is actually the cause for not including any Wine-using games) is: every new Wine version potentially may break something, and games that worked yesterday may not work any more in the future.
In the case of NeoAxis it's developers (not users) can test every new Wine's version and it's compatibility with the engine; they can also apply their own patches in case of regressions.

Regarding SickBrick, quoting Readme:

In order to run the game we make use of Wine to kickstart our Mono Runtime wrapper which is used on Windows and Mac OSX. Once this is up and running you will find it should not be buggy or leak memory of any kind. Emphasis on the notion that this is not a hack but indeed a genuine attempt to bring SickBrick to Linux in a formidable way.

Yes. Before we go porting the engine to the various popular Linux distro's we want to test the market with this release. If this begins going someplace and Linux is the place to be we will put fourth the time needed to create a native port of ALL the underlying technology that powers SickBrick Episodes.

So, there is a hope we will get "real" native port some day.

I'm publishing it again for now (at least to let others tell their opinion [otherwise they can't view/comment unpublished game topics]), and waiting for comments.

I think the lack of information about the game being non-native; outside of downloading 300mb file and viewing the README should be an issue, no?

Also, (I say this without snark) there was also hope of us getting a "real" port of Unreal 3.


I'm against to list such/these games, but curly is right - let's see what others think.

Honestly, I'm also not happy with including Win'ed games here. Actually, the real reason I've published it again is the following: what has been seen cannot be unseen what has been published should not be unpublished. Otherwise people who had already seen the game (and maybe even posted links to lgdb page) may say "WTF!? just few minutes ago it was here and now it disappeared". In fact, we should be more careful with publishing the games (no, I don't blame you for publishing them; in this case this was really tricky to understand that it's Wine game - Incoginto news on LGN, no mention about Wine on developers page; in other words, unless you install it and look in it's depths there's no way to realise it's "fake").

Here are few ideas what to do:
* we can unpublish games; instead, create forum topics with the description/links/etc. for these games; apologise to the visitors
* leave the games until database reaches celebratory size of 1000+ games, and then silently unpublish them, while nobody sees.
* leave the games as an exception

By the way, did anybody tried them? Are they any good?

>Otherwise people who had already seen the game (and maybe even posted links to lgdb page) may say "WTF!? just few minutes ago it was here and now it disappeared"

Good point, I think the best idea is to silently unpublish/remove them, in addition, I suggest to remove them from the frontpage.

I think sooner or later we will need a way to unpublish games, not only for this specific situation. Most games will lose interest in the future. This is mostly true for commercial games because the lack of support. There will be a day when it will be hard to get a copy of the game and/or the game will not run on a updated system without tweaking.

My favourite solution would be adding some special categories of games that are no listed in the front page or the general game list, but it's own. This way, the information would remain available for historical purposes.

It could even be interesting having the possibility to submit games to the "historical category". LGDB is very young and some old jewels like Theocracy are missing:

Ouch! it looks like this is already available. I missed the "Shall we record all Open Source game which enter mature phase?" topic.