TRAUMA added to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle


TRAUMA was added as a bonus game to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.


$1 buy games, to get the address to download and share... Im bad towards any indie game developers...

lol, you can buy it legitimate for 1$ its pay-what-you-want...
MAKE IT APPREHEND THAT YOUR COMMENT WAS MEANT IRONIC using irony tags, smilies or whatever. otherwise delete it.

both of you should die of shame! :(
please be happy that people thake the effort to port these games to Linux!

shame on you!

nice, and frozen synapse is such a beauty (and hard) game - I'm going to increase my payment...


Just said, there are always people buy, not always people donate.

Im not feeling shameful on any aspects, I do donate my little money to African Kids, to FOSS projects. All my money for those not important to life like games. I shall part my money to those never getting fund rather than an action many people do: purchase. I would donate, to games zero-k, springrts; to some tools - inkscape, a Chinese font project wqy.

Not yet for Scribus and GIMP. But I will, just later, and Hedgewars. Probably following with openclonk, armagetron, laidout.

I bought those humble bundle for few $, and played few of them. Some were nice, some were I waited for years(the And Yet It Moves since the IGF Award). Meanwhile, I found I shall give more money to Licho, he run SpringRTS server and took thousands of euro from own pocket for hosting. Then the money goes to Zero-K.

The open source community is already mainly about linux, having support from commercial companies is what we lack.
I understand your position of donating instead of buying, but for the HIB games, there isn't much difference, really.
Most HIB games have been open sourced after the sale.

A greater gap of financial balance, is the difference, as it is the commercial activity itself.

The event get HIB participants money no doubt.

Never a event to get attention on those free to play.

I saw sometimes indie gamers/developers questioning "why ****(anyone using springrts engine) the game is free?"

People always want more, if its game need payment, then pay for it; if its free game then download it, and it is end.

Ok, I don't care commercial support like other people do... that make me different maybe.

I am really in favour of these commercial-today/FOSS-later projects.
Take Minecraft or the HIB. The devs make some money and the source gets released (during the same decade).
With the economic downturn (call it "the USA f***ed us all" if you wish) less and less developers are going to have spare time for purely FOSS projects.
Sometimes you need to be able to compromise.

Yeah, thats why people shall donate...

I saw indie developer complaining their own fiscal situation. Right, people need to get pay for life and more. I just don't see much donations.

And I have limited money. Firstly, I'd donate to applications. PEOPLE ALL KNOW TO PURCHASE.