SLUDGE ("Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment") is not only a scripting language for developing adventure games, but also provides graphical tools to make the same very easy. Not only the name, but also the concept are evocative of SCUMM.

Development on SLUDGE was started 2000 by Hungry Software to power the game Out Of Order. Since then, other SLUDGE games have also been released as freeware, see a list of available games.

Originally written for Windows, SLUDGE was open sourced 2008 and since then ported to Mac OS X and Linux. All game files produced with older versions of SLUDGE can be played with newer versions of the engine, i.e. on all platforms running the SLUDGE engine.

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Ubuntu install only works for Oneiric.
Moste dependencies are not satisfiable on Natty and previous ubuntu versions

It's only libalure1 >= 1.1 and libglee0d1 that can not be satisfied on older Ubuntu versions. The oneiric packages can be installed without problems. For compiling add the respective -dev packages libalure-dev and glee-dev. See text on Download page.