java classic RPG's title is misspelled

Hello, LGDB people!

I love your site's design, congrats!

I see that you've included java classic rpg (jClassicRPG) in your DB. Thanks!

Could you please correct the game's title to jClassicRPG (or just simply correct Classc to Classic)? The official name is jClassicRPG.

Thanks a lot, and good luck with your site! :)



and another problem - jClassicRPG is not online and not MMORPG either!


Hey, Paul

Did the requested changes, hope i got it right this time, thanks for the info.
great you like the site ;)


thanx! :) I've linked you in my latest post in my blog, if you don't mind. :)

Could you please include this html snippet video for jclassicrpg instead? The other one is way too old, this one shows much more of the game and is recent.



i changed the video, but i cant see it, must be some problem with the site cause i cant see it there either, anyway i'll check back later to see if the problem persists
thanks for the link ;)