Is there any place on the site for emulators? If so, where should these be posted?

I'm talking about programs like:
etc. etc.


No, there is no place at the moment, but there could be, if you take the responsibility ;)

things to consider:
- what information is useful?
- is there another site that takes care of emulators for linux?
- lgdb.org is not about emulated games so they will not be listed, but i think the emulator site usually takes care of that anyway (e.g.: http://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/)

i personally have very very little knowledge about emulators, so if you already have some design design ideas you are more than welcome to realize them.

Well, for me the lgdb is an excellent place to check out games for linux. Because not many games are written for linux, emulation is an option to play those. I agree that non-linux games should not be listed here. But some pages with some options to play non linux games under linux would be nice. I can make some pages, but I'm not sure where to put them. The tools section would be the most appropriate, but I guess nobody looks there :)

haha. i would create another type of content called: "Emulator" so people can select if they want to create a game or an emulator entry. Much like the tool section.

Ok 4no1,
You can now checkout the all new emulator-entry-creation, just go to "Create content" let me know what is missing and how to organize / differentiate between the different emulators.
actually that would be a good place to have a wine entry too, but its listed under tools cause "wine is not an emulator" ;)