Best games of 2011 for Linux?

40+ candidates? Not a problem.

HB/HIB Games? Which?

Trine: the only from HB
Crayon: I cannot run it, just remember the name.
And yet it moves:

Tiny and Big:


Tremulous& Savage XR: Struggling Award!


Spiral Knights:

Heroes of Newerth



Naev: Looks like many space game players like it.

Oil Rush:

Unknown Horizon:



OpenTTD& Simutrans: Rivals?



Red Eclipse



Battle for Wesnoth: no stable release yet.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: how old is it?

OpenRA: great performance in compare to Zod Engine



King Arthur's Gold:

Stunt Rally

Freeciv: loss


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Xonotic: Nexuiz has been away for 2 years.

Alien Arena&World of Padman: How about this 2?


the problem with such a list (and the reason why there are no linux game awards) most of these games could have been in a list for 2010 and probably will be in a list for 2012 ;)

I wouldn't have some of those games in the list at all:

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Was pretty good, then development took some bad turns.

Unknown Horizons. I like rts but I really dislike this one.

World of Padman. Has been around for ages.

Freeciv. Has been around for ages.

Trine. Looks real good and is real boring.

this is a list of games have major changes(or mods/modes change) that still making them good to their player group.

So whatever those do not like them say, sorry, the words are no effective.

Hasn't Freeciv got major changes over the year? Seems not, then it shall be excluded.

World of Padman did have changes.

Trine. This is representative of what called the "video game industry" is, a short game with ambient graphics and sound. One-time off.

Unknown Horizon: well, battle is minor aspect of the game.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: I like the changes... as long as there are pretty much player like it, it shall stay... also, it have webtile running.

I love the building part of strategy games. Often more than the battle part. Unknown Horizon doesn't just seem like a good candidate for a "best linux games list".
But I agree it should stay, voters should have a choice on this.

Another game that I have doubts about is Tiny and Big. The game is awesome, but looks far from being finished and only a demo is available. It should be included in the best list of the year of its release.

How about Overgrowth? it is a pretty good looking game and it's been developed constantly (weekly alphas) for the past 3 years.