Linux Port Confirmation



I've unpublished these two games

AirMech - unpublished 'cause closed alpha, no linux build etc.
Kobo II - same as above

See also submission guidelines for furher information.


PS: @luojie-dune: If you submit a game, please upload at least one screenshot, thx.


These 2 titles are confirmed by developer,
according to the first guideline.

No games that have been released for other platforms and might have a Linux client (e.g. Unreal Tournament 3). Exceptions apply if the native Linux client is confirmed by the developer. Those games can be included and should be tagged "no release".

I think I have tagged "no release".

And the image, I cannot find from official website, I prefer not to upload one - for copyright concern.

Also, I hope thumbnail of a Video can replace the image as header if no image available.

Apparently airmech already runs in Chrome and a Linux client is being developed.

I have applied to be a Linux tester and I will poit them to LGDB.

The latest video of the game is quite impressive, it would be a pity if they dropped linux support for lack of interest.

From the website;
Currently for PC, will support Mac and Linux at some point in the future
history tells us to be cautions with these kind of annunciations. if they indeed have a Linux port (even in closed alpha) for testing, we should publish the game entry, but for now its still pretty vague.

let us know if they have something playable, or point to a sound confirmation.

you dont have to be that cautions with the pictures. if you use google image search it tells you pretty fast what pictures are widely used and are therefore not exclusive.
using the video as thumbnail is currently not supported, sorry.

It works spotlessy in chrome.
The devs have answered my request for screenshots, we can take as many as we like, so if you are putting it back, let me know and I'll post some.

PS: a note from the devs reply:

"Keep in mind that AirMech might have issues with GPUs that are blacklisted in Chrome on Linux. I'm testing mostly on Linux machines with nVidia GPUs and it works without any issues. Also current build 6134 has problem with 32-bit executable, so you will need to wait for 6135 or later build if you want to test it on 32-bit Linux."

Sounds like a confirmation to me, thanks berserk.

I changed the title of this thread to represent the current discussion.

>"Keep in mind that AirMech might have issues with GPUs that are blacklisted in Chrome on Linux

So, AirMech is a HTML5/NaCl game which can only run in Chrome?

We sould really decide what a native game is!

See also:

HTML5 Games
NaCl - Project Page
NaCl - Wikipedia

Thanks for not loosing focus ;)
We definitely need clarification. but maybe from some one more capable than me.
Java, NaCl and even Wine makes it easier for developers to create cross platform games and if that gives us more games on Linux, its a good thing. I, like all/most of you, are no philosophy nazis, who create boundaries because of ideological believes in the pureness of code, so lets talk about nativeness in a way that gives credit to the current development. Maybe the term native is now more a restriction then a clarification.
i think its a bad idea to reject games are actively advertised as Linux games and have Linux support.

It appears they are also planning a stand-alone port, because running Airmech in chrome requires higher specs.
We'll see about that

Kobo II for Linux Preview build can be found now

Worth to check out if you like scroller.