News section and submitted games

News section
By now all of you have seen the new section on the front page with news snippets from Free Gamer and Linux Gaming News, two of the most important news sites for Linux gamers! Together with news from game developers, you'll be up-to-date whats going on in the Linux gaming world and the latest changes for the games you play.

Submitted games
You will find a list of all the games you've submitted to the database on a tab labeled "My content" on your account page. If a new comment was added or the page received an update, you'll see a note next to the game name.


Thanks for adding the FreeGamer feed to the site, I think the users will find it useful, and definitely a good source for games to add to LGDB :)

I'll see if I can get one of the FreeGamer guys to do a linkback or some kind of feature on the blog to say thanks.