best linux distro

hello im new around here and i would like to know which linux distro do you think its best for gaming and programing.. right now im using openSuse (kde) although it seems to be a little bit heavy for my laptop.. i already tryed the new ubunto and when it comes to graphics (gnome) i didnt like it that much... so if i would like to know your feedback as well witch one do you use thank you for your time.


Archlinux. Thats probably fastest and most lightweight linux there is. In some application I recorded 90-100% increase in performance when switching from debian XFCE to arch XFCE.

And is it good for programing as well a few games? but mostly programing?

Frankly I don't know any linux distro that is bad for programming, but then again I only program in c++ and java. I didn't have any problems with this two thou.

well im kinda knew to what it comes to linux but i can see that opensuse is a bit heavy for mt laptop thats why i was asking for help. and thanks for your reply

There is no "best Linux distro", they do all the same and you can make every distro fast and stable as others. There are distros for beginners like Ubuntu or Mint and there are distros that are highly customizable like Gentoo or Arch, others like Debian or Fedora rely on stability.

If openSuSE with kde is too heavy for your laptop, why don't try other desktop environments before you make such big change like changing distro entirely?

I consider you to try XFCE. If this is still to heavy, try some more lightweight window managers like LXDE or ICEWM (for last you'll need also desktop program, as ICEWM is only taskbar and desktop background - it doesn't do icons. I suggest Nautilus or PCManFM for that).

If this fail, I suggest to try Fedora. You won't have to change your usage completely as SuSE is based off Fedora so they similar toolset except YaST.

suse linux 12.2 is the best imho

I used suse for years and thought it to be good. But after my soundcard stopped working I've moved to Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is state of the art nowadays, by far the best distro I've ever used.

please, no distro war here

I like gentoo, can't imagine using another linux distro now. Easy to customize and install.