Linux native or Linux compatible games

What do you think? Should we include Linux compatible games or only Linux games?

Ok, let me clarify what I understand under both terms

Linux games:

- comes either as source package or as a pre-built binary
- these games are made for Linux
- needs to be downloaded and executed separately
- the most of them can run on many platforms

under reserve, because they could fit in both terms
- this includes Java SE applications (OK I know VM, but hasn't Quake 3 used some kind of a VM for it's network code?)
- Adobe AIR packages? (Ok I'm not sure about AIR, but AIR is dead)

Linux compatible:

- games that can run on Linux
- games that are made for a technology, which is available for Linux
- can be run trough browser plugins/technology's like: NaCl, HTML5, Flash, Java, AIR, Unity, Silverlight, WINElib, Panda, JavaScript etc.

And don't forget Linux itself is a multi-platform OS(Debian popcon ), but the most plugins are only available for a few platforms!

Maybe we could add an extra section(like the emulator section) for such games.

share your thoughts (=,


Well, I'm not against HTML5 as a tech but the company made most of them not playable.

Most commerical games offer no fun.

I agree on this. Most commercial HTML5 games look good but are very boring or overpriced.
I think this discussion is a "what if" more than anything else.
If good NaCl-HTML5 games come out, we should include them.

Sorry for my late reply, but someone chooses me and my car as crash barrier for his A4.

So what now?

Should we remove AirMech?

Why not set up/start a poll and let the votes decide?

How about you make a checklist to decide?

It could be something like:

Is is a foss game?
Is it a free (as in beer) game?
Is it advertised as linux compatible? (or does it just "happen" to work)
Does it have a wide player base? (subjective perception)
Is it a quality/promising/cult game?

games should pass the 60-70%mark

once you have drafted the list you can use the same criteria for all games

in general a good idea and we already have it here

>Does it have a wide player base? (subjective perception)
>Is it a quality/promising/cult game?

but tastes differ for example: I hate Spring and I would never recommend this game to anyone because it looks ugly, it's uncomfortable and the performance..., but there are many people out there who like it

EDIT: 2 weeks and no responses... , I'll now include high quality/popular Chrome NaCl Games (AirMech is still here and I prefer the same rules for all developers), cheers!

If I want to know about wine, flash, and browser games, I won't be going to a Linux game database to find them. But since they are here, is there a "only show Linux" filter that works for the whole site?

Seriously, you don't know which is based on WineLib and which are just made for Windows.

I saw 3 open-source applications released binary based on WineLib already.

>But since they are here, is there a "only show Linux" filter that works for the whole site?

No, and no we will not include browser games(webgl, html5 or javascript). All games, you'll find here are „Linux Games“.