For thousands of years, the human race has tried with all its might to conquer the universe. Yet it has failed to do so. Mankind discovered it was not made for expanding into the unknown. The technological advantages it had gained in space travel were now used to gather as much of the earth's resources as possible. The overexploitation continued without any regrets. In doing so, a new element was discovered: Rarium. It changed the way mankind continued to think about energy production. Yet it had one weakness: Rarium was a scarce resource. Being the new super-element, it was so highly regarded by all of the trading alliances that they started small but fierce wars. Resulting energy shortages were used pitilessly as an excuse to fight competition even more mercilessly.

The lack of sunlight, caused by the resulting nuclear winter, made scientists develop enormous heat generators to keep the world from going into a new ice age.

A precise attack onto one of the generators on the west side of the Eurasian coast led to a chain reaction which caused all Reactors within a 60 mile radius to explode. But the terrorists had not thought about the consequences well enough. The enormous power that was set free by the exploding reactors led to an tremendous continental drift. The human race was near its end. Scientists predicted that within 10 years from now 92% of the world's surface would be covered by water. There began a race against time.
shockgun There was only one way out: To settle in the dark, unknown depths of the oceans. They directed all their developmental efforts in the reverse direction. They started colonizing the ocean floor and used Rarium as their main source for providing energy to the huge underwater colonies. Once again a fight for Rarium erupted. This time, it will differentiate the living from the dead.

The Rarium fields are far from the colonies, and reaching them is not a walk in the park. The prospectors, called Rarinex, have to cross dangerous mine fields to reach the rare resource.

Still it's not only the mines that they have to lookout for. The real threat are the others, waiting for the right moment to ambush the competition and claim a weeks loot for themselves. From all of those who try to get rich quickly, only a few of them come home safely.

whale The Rarinex, trying to gather as much Rarium as fast as possible for energy production in the colonies, have been very creative in developing their ships. That way "Whale", a very common, powerful transport-fighting frigate was created. It's size is it's biggest problem. Crossing the mine fields tends to be quite an adventure. A lot faster and lighter, yet not as well armored is "Sphinx", a very agile sub, that is still able to keep it's way free, provided it's ammunitioned well enough. "Abbys", a cybernetic slider, partially organic, represents the latest in research. Yet, being a new technology it's not the safest and only slowly experience is gained.

In order to survive in the unfriendly environment, the ships are equipped with extraordinary weaponry. Be it the penumatic pumped GatlingGun, that fires Rarium enriched particles towards the foe's submarine, or the Shockgun, whose concepts arose from the reactor disaster, that spawns a enormouse implosion underwater, leaving not much behind.

Death bringing is also the remote controlled "T3", also known as "The Fat One". It has already proven more than once to do it's job.

2d multiplayer game in retro look
Fast paced action with mini submarines
Intuitive controls
12 different types of weapons
Amazing underwater scenarios
C.O.R.E. - a unique player rally environment
Different game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Drone Match
Global player statistics
Many different types of mini-submarines
Tactical gameplay
Bots (DeathMatch)

Minimum system requirements: 

1 GHz CPU (1.5 GHz or higher recommended)
128MB RAM (256 or more recommended)
200 MB harddrive space
OpenGL 1.2 compliant graphics card
64MB video memory (128 or more recommended)
Internet connection (ISDN; DSL or faster recommended)

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Developer: Rarebyte