Aleona's Tales

Aleona's Tales

Aleona's Tales is a free cross-platform real-time strategy game built using the Stratagus engine. It includes support for playing against the AI, as well as against other players over LAN or the internet. Multiplayer matches started in Aleona's Tales can also be connected to by Wargus players.


Linux binary ?

I downloaded, but it seems there is no Linux binary included.

To play in Linux you'll need to install the Stratagus engine. If you are running Ubuntu add ppa:stratagus/ppa to your system's Software Sources, then sudo apt-get install stratagus.

When you have Stratagus installed you can run Aleona's Tales with the following command: stratagus -d /home/user/location/of/game

You can grab a tarball of the source code to compile yourself at the Stratagus launchpad page: