Include ohloh stats widgets

One of the things I most care about with open source games is if it is still being actively developed. An incomplete game that has no commits for 2 years is much less interesting to me that one with many commits and an active community. The active project should continue to get better while the other one is probably dead or at least dormant.

It can be a pain finding this information out by looking at the commit history at sourceforge, github etc. Luckily there is a great site called that tracks many open source projects and collects these stats for you! Not only that but it makes the stats available as nice looking widgets that are easy to embed into your web pages. I suggest that lgdb incorporates these widgets into game pages (for open source games) because they provide very valuable information about the project.

For example look at

"Factoids and Stats" (either the merged one or the two separate ones) is the most useful widget to me and is the one i would most like to see added to lgdb. The Languages one is also interesting. If you had these widgets on your pages they would be a much more useful resource for me. I hope you consider adding them to make your pages more useful.



Makes sense, let's see if pheonton is going to implement this

well, I think it would be better to autounpublish games that aren't updated for 2-3 years.