Illarion is a free, graphical fantasy game that focuses on true roleplaying. Come and join the world of Illarion. You'll fully emerse yourself in the world of Illarion, as though your character is a real being. All characters around you will behave themselves like real beings in this independent, mysterious world. They'll tell you about magicians, ghosts, and fairies in some of the most unbelievable stories and rumours. Pick a race you would like to play: human, dwarf, halfling, elf. Maybe an orc? Or even a lizardman?

Please don't expect experience points or other numbers inside the game which reveal your skills. Just follow the role you want to play, then you will notice wether you will become a great warrior, fighting against the various evil creatures of Illarion, or the most respected master smith of the town, or even the most popular barkeeper - because practice makes perfect. Druids and magicians will cast mysterious spells with herbs and runes. In addition to all of this each race speaks with it's own language, but all are able to speak the common language of Illarion to make themselves understood.

Minimum system requirements: 

Graphics card: 64MB memory, driver supporting OpenGL, Shader 2.0 support
CPU: Dual core processor with 1.4 GHz

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