Retro Blazer

Retro Blazer

Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

In the vast labyrinth of ARK Island, once elder now Tyrannical Warlord, Lokahndril, has used the island's ancient mainframe entity to create his own army of corrupt androids. R-Blazer, the only survivor of the invasion, infiltrates the labyrinth and uses his foe's own weapons against them!

Battle through the different military installations and vast ruins, all with their own unique enemies, weapons and items. Collect items to power up your abilities to make yourself stronger and more powerful, only then can you put and end to the Warlord's hunger for power!

Battle through 7 levels of fast paced classic FPS action! Fast dashing and quick trigger projectiles allow you to blast through with rapid pace, all while featuring a nostalgic graphic style in full 32 bit color.

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Developer: Amil Parra
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