GlPortal is a game featuring teleportation and physics puzzles. You are Ada, a lab assistant on a mission for science. Explore seven exciting levels.
Use teleportation, witt and jetpacks to get to the cake. Visit the website and tell us how you enjoyed the experience.

P.S.: Please don't die, we can't afford a replacement at the moment.

Minimum system requirements: 

GNU Maketools, 3d acceleration


New release upcoming


we have the release of version 0.1 upcoming.
If you are a mapper, you can now create maps in blender.
Just check out the moderngl branch and if you have a question go ahead and join our chatroom.


GlPortal Developers wanted


we are always looking for developers that help us improve the game.
We are also looking for developers that like to use and improve the engine in order to build their own games.



Anyone build glportal on osx (mavericks)? I'd like some hints before I attempt to figure it out by myself! Thx.

Sure I will. However, I assumed I could build on Linux. I just tried and I am having trouble there too! Messages seem to indicate code is not c++ compliant. Maybe I need to try an older version of the gcc compiler....I will study your guide first.

I managed to build on my miniMac (early 2009, Mavericks with Xcode)! However, my methods are crude and the exe is sluggish.
I will update if I find a nicer way... First, on Linux, I have a recent g++ in a nonstandard place, so I needed to modify the CMakeCache.txt file to point to my newest. Then, that worked.

On OSX, the most difficult part was installing FreeImage (its makefile needed much editing). Then I had to install libassimp, which was somewhat tricky. I already had freeglut installed. After these were installed, I made a build directory, and from there I did cmake ../source. Then I had to edit CMakeCache.txt to define 3 items.
A) the architecture I wanted ( CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURE:STRING= x86_64 )
B) CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING= -std=c++11 -I/usr/include/glew -I/opt/X11/include -I/usr/local/include
in order to define the include paths to glew, freeglut, FreeImage, and assimp.
C) define the library path to satisfy: -lglut, -lfreeimage, -lassimp, -lGL, -lGLU
using the parameter CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS:STRING=

Thusly, make succeeded for me.

Great Start

Looking forward to seeing more of this.