Steam is a online gaming platform that provides the ability to distribute games and other content directly to gamers around the world.

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Fuck off DRM anal probe

DRM is not sooooo bad as long as you are able to pay for the product :) but DRMless games are my priority also. Anyway I am happy that Steam came to Linux :) brand new horizons

>DRM is not sooooo bad

DRM is always bad - Why should you trust a company if they don't trust you?

The funny thing is everybody hates EA for Origin or Microsoft for the Windows Store but nobody cares about Valve for Steam which is the same ********

I agree about Steam being evil.
Was not very keen regarding it's arrival to Linux/Ubuntu, but there are some good sides to having more games on linux and becoming more mainstream: hopefully better video drivers etc.

In the first place Steam is disribution platform.
Yes, it has DRM, but use it or not - publisher chooses.
And DRM there is not rigid.

If you want to play not only in rougelike, you have to accept DRM systems.

>In the first place Steam is disribution platform.
>If you want to play not only in rougelike, you have to accept DRM systems.

yeah just like GOG and look at their huge DRM-Free game cataloge...

>publisher chooses.

Thats not true, the users will always decide with their wallet.


For me heavy DRM is a NO-go but the old cd-key based ones (eg: Doom3/Quake4/Prey) were OK for me.

But the newer ones are bullshit because:

I want to own my games and I want to be able to play them even if the service discontinues or the game is removed.
I love to move my games around eg. an USB Pendrive/Hard disk to play them on another PC.
I don't want to waste my PC-power for another background process that is completly unnecessary for the game.
I hate to share information about me or my installed Programs and services to a unknown third party.

anyway, it's your decision to agree to their EULA - but don't cry if something goes wrong...

By the way about gog.
These games you may at any moment copy to any other PC because so decided publisher.

Steam for me it is primarily a user-friendly service, which makes many things easier. Buy, download (even if you are far away from the PC), sync, network games, comunity and other.

I think that games can be forgiven proprietary.

How do you think - would be thinking about in CryTek about porting CryENGINE on Linux, if not for Steam?

Nobody forces you to use Steam, but his role in the modern gaming industry is undeniable. And porting it to Linux will only benefit Linux-gamers.

P.S. Sory for my Šµnglish.

I think Steam is good for GNU/Linux gamers for several reasons:

  • Promotes the port of games.
  • Helps to enhance drivers and libraries.
  • Makes GNU/Linux more visible in the videogames industry.

However I don't use it because of the DRM. In the way it works, I don't even see Steam as a platform to buy games, but a platform to rent games instead.

  • Microsoft decides to monopolize it's store and Steam disappears? You lose all the games.
  • Valve decides our market is no profitable? You lose all the games.
  • You didn't respect the EULA? You lose all the games.
  • Gave has a bad day? You lose all the games.
  • The network connection is down? You (temporarily) lose all the games.

Yes, there are some DRM-free games in Steam, but you don't need Steam to get them and there are more friendly places around.

> Promotes the port of games.

Are you sure? I havn't ssen that many new games since steam is available (the most of them are Valve or Source based games)...

>Helps to enhance drivers and libraries.

maybe that's true but only for intel86 based hardware, so always keep in mind: Linux is cross-platform - Steam is not...

ok, finally i got it to work, i don't recommend anyone to follow this HOW-TO it is NOT EASY.
i use a wheezy with wheezy-backports but steam package is available for jessie only.
ok first i added i386 architecture:
dpkg --add-architecture i386
so far so good
now i needed to add the jessie repository
deb jessie main contrib non-free
i just stuffed it into /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
i didn't wanted to install anything form jessie that i don't need. so no upgrade here ... and no apt-get install steam ether.That doesn't work, apt-get or synaptic are not able to install the dependencies. Thats where it goes mad because i used aptitude for it.
aptitude install steam aptitude could fix all dependencies in a non destructive manner. yeha...
Ok for the fglrx driver to play nice with i386 architecture i had to
apt-get install libgl1-fglrx-glx:i386
anyway i got it to work. witch is more than the last time i tried it and had to reinstall everything because i upgraded to jessie.

Viva la Gabe Newell!

Thanks to this man, the concept of Linux games reached a new level!
One can argue about the DRM, but a positive role Steam difficult to deny.