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I wish I had seen this post earlier! ONE DAY LEFT!

Island Forge: A World of Player-Created Content

I'm Nathan, sole developer of Island Forge, which I developed entirely in Linux. In my Kickstarter video I say that, "Island Forge is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows" and I always use that order (although many sites seem to twist my words to PC,Mac,Linux).

Here's my LGDB page:

I'm passionate about Linux, and I declared from the beginning that Island Forge would be fully playable in Linux. The game is written entirely from scratch in Java, so it is also playable for folks on those other platforms. By the way, I use jEdit for all my programming and the GIMP for all my graphics work (I am not an artist, but I have gotten fairly proficient at image manipulation).

Maybe the Linux community still has enough time to really ignite the last hours of my Kickstarter project!

War For the Overworld is the Spiritual Successor of Dungeon Keeper series, Made by dedicated Dungeon Keeper fans from Keeper Klan. they Formed Subterranean games a team formed of professionals, Modders,and Enthusiastic individuals, to recreate and improve on the old and beloved DK formula!
They been working on this for years and recently decided to take it to the professional levels to deliver you the best DK successor they can!
Due to the engine they are using(Unity) they can, and will do Linux and Mac ports.
If you are a Dungeon Keeper fan and Linux user, and want to see this on linux, than support them on Kickstarter!
War For the Overworld Kickstarter Page

Dungeon of Elements

Dungeon of Elements is an RPG dungeon crawler with combat inspired by Dr. Mario and Tetris. It also features experimental crafting, tons of gear, collecting, pets, 45 different environments, 60+ enemy types, and much more.

Unlike most Kickstarter campaigns, Dungeon of Elements will launch to our backers in July 2013! There is no long wait for the game.

If there is any way you could help us get the word out about our game, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!