New website!

Hey fellow Linux gamers!

The new site is finally here! We worked very hard the last couple of days to present you with a well rounded experience. The new website should work well on mobile devises and big screens alike and apart from the obvious visual changes we also did some work in the background. We upgraded the website from Drupal 6 to 7 (some of you might know that this is not strait forward) and in that process some changes of the last days might have been lost. One bug is certain: some user pictures got lost or changed in the process. Pleas accept out apologies for that. But now take a look at the new Linux Game Database and prepare for the things yet to come (sort of).



Oh my, oh my, I thought we will keep it undercover at least for one more week, until all pages will be polished.

By the way, don't forget to move logo 1px up and search textbox 1px down ;)

nice move, looks great!

I really love the new interface for the website :) its more comfortable for me