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I play other life since the start (almost one year ago) and I truly like it a lot. The developer is present every day and it is easy to talk to him. Because he knows what the players want, the game is steadily developing into a game for all players.
Community is very active. The best thing about this game is that you don't have to like PKing. If you like making things and selling them to others, you can make your ingame money doing that.
If you like to grind for your money, you can do that also. It is possible to raise all the skills possible in this game and there are a lot.
Come play this game with us, you will not be disappointed.


I have been playing Other-Life for almost a month, I must say, I am enjoying it. I love the combat system better than EL, and it doesn't take you years to master in any skills like a lot of other games. I am almost Attack and Defense level 40, and soon, I can even roam the PK maps safely. My potion skill is fair also.

The X-Attribute System is just WONDERFUL, you can customize your character so much better than the other games I have played. A player 2 weeks old could have 1200 carry capacity if they wanted! They can have 200 health, or massive defense and/or attack power. It's just PHENOMENAL!

As a new player, it may be hard to play if you joined the game during a weekend because you are pretty much limited to the 1st map. After 4 days of leveling up though, you should be able to participate in the game's invasion events. And by your second invasion, if you had focused on combat, you should start getting great rewards and exp in the invasions.