Not as great as it used to be...


You can get on, you can play, an it USED, to be fun! But for those who've done a good bit of it, you'll find that being a F2P account, just doesn't do it, and being a member begins to Add up, compared to what it was when it first started. I might just be a player whose harppign on this, but I;'ve found the game to be disintersting.
It's worth a shot an can be fun- you can make any ammount of characters so long as you have the Email addresses for them, other then that, you have to go for a membership to enjoy more of whatthe game offers.

In anycase, that's my two cents, Great game, but tedious as ever an not very friendly to Linux xomputers on the Browser side, It's also had a MASSIVE rehaul an looks NOTHING like it had been. To new players they may not get it, but to those who've bee around Runescape for a while... an leftfor a while to come back now, it's going to be a bit of a learning curve.


Hey man I totally thought all you did too, and then they released Old School Runescape. It's just the game based on the source code from 2007. Although it does still cost $8 per month for a membership and you HAVE to be a member to play old school, in my opinion it's totally worth your money. I'm having so much fun in the game right now.

eh?! How, when!? And are you serious here? the orignal Rune-scape, old school Rune-scape?