Stupid game search refuses to search for “0 A.D.”

Hi, I just entered “0 A.D.” in the search box but the website refused with something like “Nya! Nya! Nya! You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more, stupid kid. :P”.

“0 A.D.” is the exact title of an existing LGDB entry, so this is just retarded. xD


Thanks for feedback, I think this needs to be fixed. The funny thing is that when you enter 0 A.D. without pressing enter it does show you game entry in suggestion list.

Agreed, the search is not one of the greatest assets of It doesn't index words shorter than 4 characters and has some other flaws (doesn't find parts of words, no typo correction...) but it only really fails for 0 a.d. ;)