gog.com not mentioning Linux

gog.com sell games that are available for Linux, but they don't mention that. Do they run on Linux if i buy them from gog.com? i guess they do, but still its not a very good practice and i'm reluctant to include links to gog.com. Not mentioning Linux looks a lot like not caring at all and as Linux gamer i can not endorse such a policy. Shall we drop the gog.com links? i would rather include gameolith and humble what do you think?


I agree, gog refuses to offer Linux downloads for games already available, and the Windows versions require tweaking, third-party engines and tools like wine or innoextract in the few cases where they can be transformed into Linux-native.

On the other hand, I don't know if games like Theme Hospital are available elsewhere, but the banner used now may be replaced with a external link.

IMHO only distributors with explicit Linux support deserve a banner: Desura, Steam, Humble Store, Gameolith, Fireflower, ShinyLoot, IndieGameStand and others I must be forgetting (sorry). Not sure about GamersGate.

Well I think it's nothing bad about to show people where they can buy those classics.

Without gog.com ScummVm, DOSbox, Theme Hospital, Unreal, UT/UT2004, Arx, Syndicate & Co.would be already dead.

Just have a look at Homeword - it's great game, Game of the Year, many best notes, source is available, it has a Linux port but you can't buy it anywhere today ==> Port and Modding is dead now.

>I agree, gog refuses to offer Linux downloads for games already available

GOG will come when they are ready, they just have one simple policy:

If you buy a game on GOG for your platform it will run out-of-the box and that's something you can't currently guarantee on linux.