money money

We're never doing Linux because that's dumb. I don't care what anybody says, nobody plays games on Linux.

But Linux... I can't wait for some Linux programmer guy to e-mail me and say "I'll port this for free", because I already have the e-mail already written that I'm going to send back to him, and basically tell him to fuck off, indefinitely.

Two popular quotes from one of the developer - so I will pass this...


Good thing I didn't buy it! And we had to wait 2 years for that? Thanks, I'll pass too.

Game is great, missing an awesome experience just because one dev is a douche is not worth it.
Plus you will miss many game with so much big mouth out there making indie games

srsly, I have enough games that offer me a great experience and I'll be damned if they get a penny from me

i almost finished the normal game on linux, despite of all the bugs i've found. and at the final boss, a bug totally blocked me. that's a shame. plus you need some good config to run a not really optimized game.

the game is great apart of this, wouldn't buy it.