Silent removal of games

Hi guys

I've noticed some unpleasant tendency that began taking place some time ago, namely, unpublishing of games without notifying anyone and without specifying a reason. E.g., I've just found out that (posted by me some time ago) was unpublished. I can _guess_ it happened because of download link specified on a game page was broken. However, it took only couple of minutes for me to find working link, so I see no reason why should it be unpublished. I can only guess how many more games were unpublished in similar manner.

What I want to propose is:

  • Auto PM all admins on game unpublish
  • Make every game edit to cause new revision to be created (now you can specify, whether you want to create revision or not)
  • Make revision comments mandatory

Looks good, just fix the typo:
deleted form -> deleted from

Well I'd say there should be both Neverball and Neverputt in the DB, even though the download link would be the same. The two games are still different and therefore different types of players could be interested in one or the other.

Each game description would mention that the game comes bundled with the other one + link to the LGDB page of the other game. WDYT?