The time of LGP

I see all the LGP games are being added lately.

I am sorry to say, I do not consider them ever when choosing to buy a new game.

By the time they release stuff, the games have already been run on wine or are completely outdated or are irrelevant.

I dunno what to say about their amateurish website either...

I mean, Linux Games Publishing is a flagship name, that is being grossly misused here.


Totally shared sentiment here. Everything from their logo, to their website, to their multiplayer lobby just does not reach the level of quality that is present in the rest of the industry (something that I feel LinuxGameTome/Happypenguin is slightly guilty of as well, but thats a rant for another day).

I can't say anything about the LGP, because I've never bought anything from them (actually, since I've migrated to Linux, I do play only free games); what about the games - I've played some of them when I used Windows (Doom3, X2, X3, Majesty and few others), and I mostly liked them. So, I think that including them in the database won't hurt.

It's not the games that have fault, they're all very cool, and even the porting is decent. It's just the fact that the company is not presentable at all, and makes linux gaming look unprofessional in association. I don't think the games should be unlisted, maybe I was taken up wrongly there.

i was confused by the word "here" in this part:

I mean, Linux Games Publishing is a flagship name, that is being grossly misused here.

but after some meditation i think here doesn't refers to LGDB but rather to LGP itself.

Yes, I meant misused by LGP.

I don't want to rant to long, but porting to linux has these hard spots.

Like the typical "exit to windows" of runesoft ports.

nonetheless the ports are good, they just always miss those details to make it "great".

since I moved to Linux I have bought very few games, all indie ones:

Humble Indie Bundle

On the rain slick precipice of darkness