Not sure if I agree with this submission

Granted, KDE games is usually a single metapackage in most distributions, but most of these games deserve their own pages. A lot of them breach the submission guidelines which clearly state "Not very simple Games (e.g. tic-tac-toe)". I don't think a list like this (instead of individual games) has any place in the site anyhow. You should use the collections feature to represent lists.


hm, they get all updated at the same time, they all have nearly the same requirements and almost all are too simple to include seperatly - did I forgot something?

They are completely different games! Unlike, say, PySolFC, it would just be unfair to say that these are single units, as they don't show up as one game on the desktop. Beyond the obvious fact that they are developed and played as individual games as well. Either way, I'm sure we can agree that they are not components of one game.

Also, they don't have to get updated at the same time; in fact, many of them don't as you would be aware if you follow KDE development. In the upcoming release (4.12), only KNetWalk received updates.

There is a core KDE games library but that's like saying that any game that uses SDL should be listed as a single game.

I'd suggest dividing these into several games. It's a chore, but remember, we are building the best database of Linux games in the world. =p