Editing a game’s screenshots did not change anything

Hi, I just edited the description page of Hedgewars. The screenshots are very outdated so I deleted all of them and added 10 new ones.
After submitting the changes, a message told me that the entry has been edited but in reality nothing changed; there are still only the old screenshots, not the new ones. The message clearly said that I edited the page, not that my “suggestion was accepted” or something like that.

What went wrong here?


Everything is fine, new version gets publicly visible after moderators approved it; just check the page, new screenshots should now be visible

Yes, the screenshots are there.

But in that case, the message after submission should not say that the page has been edited, when it in reality it is still up to appoval by moderation. That’s just wrong.

i'll look into it.

After saving a game page the following message will be displayed to the user:


Game TITLE has been updated, but the changes you made will only be visible after a moderator publishes them. You can view all updates to TITLE under Revision operations. A link to content you recently edited is also available through the Edited Content tab on your profile page.