Game Dev additional links

Clicking on a game dev, the page shows all the games with that developer. Now it would also be good if for each dev we could add additional links specific to them: website, twitter, etc. Instead of putting those in the game zone.



But who is going to add all the info? ^^
it would certainly be nice to have a comprehensive directory of all Linux developers. But atm i'm not so sure about the return of investment (maintenance time versus user demand).

The idea is not to have everything fiiled in instantaneasly, but to have additional fields mapped to the developers for future edits.

Though I don't now how changeable the database relations or how feasible that is. Thus I leave as a suggestion for discussion ;)

In terms of maintenance, ok... I now see that to put something linked only to the devs, then it would be separate to the "insert/edit game form" and would probably need more stuff added to allow public edits. There I can see it being less cost effective...