Good game, but tiles need work

Not that they're bad, they just need to be completed, it's very odd to see characters an then tiles... very odd indeed, so, I'd stick with the ASCII characters an such. :)

but it looks like a very promising game, i'll give my vote on it when i play it a bit more, but inital thoughts are, "Ooh~! New game!"

After playnig it for TWO HOURS, getting mauled by a spider... THREE TIMES!!! Getting swarmed by zombies 4 times, i can safely say, it's as nutty as Dwarf Fortress!!! ... though running over the little bastards with a car is cool >:3

GIT IT GIT IT, very good an i have to wonder what some of the mods are... maybe you can make your own base~!! o , o


This "tiles and characters" thing was also present in ToME before the tileset was complete. In doesn't strike me as bad, the bad thing is that the default tileset heavily limits the view. And you can't resize the window (or can you? haven't found it at least).

Actually you can do it, though it took me a bit to reaslize the controls, in the main menu you can use the arrow keys, and whe the arrow keys are used for Adding or Minusing points or whatever, then you've to use the Chevrons (these things: ">>>> <<<<<") to go back an forth bettwen diffrent items so

[I'M HERE] (want to go here!) *press '>'*

(was here~!) [NOW HERE]

Also on the tiles you CAN disable them, and you CAN, make thefeild of vision longer however it isn't correct in scale i think so if you put the number too high it'll not want to work well without clipping off slightly...
So in the Options - Chervon to Interface, then from there you shold see View Port Hieght and Length: for me i put it at 30:X 15:Y and it works very well for me on my 8 by 11 or so laptop screen :3

I'm blind then, I've searched all the options yesterday, now I see it :D
Thanks! An option to simply fullscreen would be a lot better though.