Release 57

Release 57:
More buildable furniture.
More buildable doors.
Rotating doors nolonger gib by default at low dmg rates if stuck against an obstacle.
(dmg rates over 35 will still gib by default, this is all set in the
g_door_rotating... etc cvars, you can set_temp_for_type them in your mapinfo file
for your map ofcourse).

suggested_*level for oil, water, lava etc just like foliage (so you can set
defaults for your map)

You can now flood maps with chemical, and methane seas,
enegy hits above the chemical will cause an energy blast,
bullet shots, and hits, will have a chance of causing a small explosion above
the methane sea, explosions cause larger explosions in the methane vapour.


nobody on Tue, 04/28/2015
thank you for doing this.

The team welcomes outside help like this.

If anyone wants to make an 'official' chaosesque website with forum etc, feel free.
None in the team really wants to do the work for that (would rather code and work on game media).

Thankyou again for making the delta.

No problem, thanks for releasing the game.

I will post another delta next release.