Desired Features

At some point it would be desired to extend darkplaces entity support past 32k
Maybe copy/port fteqw's entity addressing scheme to darkplaces? (Which is an extention that can go to 4 million+)

Also a comment was made that it wouldn't be difficult to port another opensource engine's "god rays" from the sun over:

Little to no experiance compiling darkplaces on windows and mac for 32 and 64 bit however.


Note: ChaosEsque is loyal to Darkplaces and will not change engines
Any desired features will be ported over or added
Currently used DP source is a fork of it from 2013 (where there was a stable version that worked well on all platforms including intel gfx),
with some possible security updates etc from git repo hand patched in, and the ability to switch out textures without being in single player mode if a password is property set in a certain cvar.
You can find it on the ISO in
Only the Linux binaries are compiled from this. The Windows and Mac are still that version but without additions or patches, because all devs use linux, and none use mac or windows. (Anyone know how to build new versions for those platforms, is there a how to?)
They are compiled as xonotic release. (./all compile -r) Compiling as debug gives major slowdowns (as would be expected).
Any expansions/additions would be made to that version, and it is desired that new code be clean (be put in seperate file so can
be easily patched into newer DPs if DP wants the new additions).

Any version of DP can be used with the game so far however.

The idea would be to add a cvar "use extentions" or something like that, and only if the server admin set that would the higher-entity count protocal be used, thus backwards compatibility would be kept.

These are just ideas, none of the team has had much experience working in the engine code, we've only done small things.
If anyone does have experience poking around there, and wants to contribute, we're open to it.

Also the version of DP we use still works with MOD type sound formats, that was removed from DP.
We'll be keeping that aswell. (It was noted by LH that said code could do with a security audit)