Release 60

Version 60:
This version adds a good amount to the game, including a new armored truck
to move alongside your tanks, a missle attack raptor variant to destroy enemy
tanks, tankresists to make tanks more tank like, covered garage to protect your
tanks when in storage if you are building, and a small jail to build to perm
imprison players who try to destroy your city that you have built. The menus have
been updated to include the new options of spawning these new vehicles. The
misc-items mutator can spawn the new buildings if you wish your map to be populated
randomly by a city at start.

New Vehicles: LightAPC (Armored Personell Carrier) with 2 turrets, for transporting team mates.
M-Raptor: Missle Attack Raptor flying vehicle.

New Builables: Small Jail, APCPad, Covered Garage.
Various fixes and improvements (such as: imprisoned players, if respawning imprisoned
will not spawn with grenades, ammo, armor, etc. Only health, mana, etc. Spiderbot
now can reload rockets from your stores, etc).
Tank Resists: tanks no resist most small arms fire and incidental damage up to
90% above and beyond the normal vehicle resists and any specific resists.
Explosives and nukes do full damage. High caliber weapons also do high damage.
Low calibers do almost no damage to tanks, no do other damages such as energy, etc.

(The following only applies to developers and modders:)
Note: Build with GMQCC if you are compiling. (Only really use FTEQCC for the menu qc,
and to check code once in awhile). If you are using FTEQCC you'll need to increase
some of it's maxes (otherwise you'll get a "Too many types" error no,
since the code has out grown it: MAX_FUNCTIONS, maxtypeinfos
in fteqcc/qccmain.c . You can double them from 16384 to 32768 and the code will
compile fine.

Also read COMPILINGPITFALLS.TXT in zzzzzzzz99999bla.pk3/qcsrc/

Full Download:

If you are only upgrading from v59 you can place these 2 files in your
XonoticChaosEsqueAnthology/data/ directory instead:

Full Download:

Enjoy and give feedback!


Also some more builable furniture: Bookshelf, emptyshelf.