Add "Hack and Slash" to the Subgenre list


Recently i submitted a page for the game Diablo and i saw there is no Hack and Slash in the Subgenre list.
Many games are actually Hack and Slash in th LGDB, like:

Diablo (
Hack Slash Loot (
Hammerwatch (
Heroes of Loot (
Iesabel (
Torchlight (
etc ...

They all are in the Roguelike Subgenre, it's not really the same thing. Roguelike is turn-based gameplay when hack and Slash is realtime.


You have a good point, along with being turn based Rogue-like's are also randomly generated. Instead of the pre-designed maps that come with games like Diablo and most other Hack and Slash games

I agree, this is needed badly. A lot of games have been falsely labelled as “roguelike” which is very different.
(and no, it's not just “procedurally generted” and “permadeath”. look it up)