Poor game


it is may be first game, that make me so hateful. I'm Hate This Slow Stupid Game. SUCH SLOW. It is Hell.

First time, you and your opponent ( Say, it is only one AI Computer Player ) had only a couple of units.

20 minutes of playing, AI making +1000 units, System goes down, everything is lagging,

You not only unable to control your units, you ever unable to scroll screen. AI attacking. 2 minutes - you are losing.

So sad, bad, foo, lagy, slow, stupid, dirty, woeful, rueful, poor poor game....


instead of raging around on sites, you could tell that the developers in a civilized manner.

For me, the game is running in singleplayer just fine, but multiplayer is laggy

We know we have performance problems, and for these reasons, we always advise players to play with a low population cap (certainly don't allow 1000+ units for the AI), and to play in an open style (use an open map and don't block off the AI with walls).

We're trying to fix these performance problems, but I doubt we will ever be able to support such a high population count.

The standard AI level is "MEDIUM", try to play with "SANDBOX" , "VERY EASY" or "EASY" instead of saying stupid things about this game... Altought it is in ALPHA yet