Hello out there,
you may have noticed a new game, Clash of Aggression, on this website. My dev team is quiet small (just two persons, one developer and one QA) and we began this journey on May 2016.
I would like to hear any suggestion, error or performance related topic you may have encountered. Feel free to comment anything.

  • What distro are you using?
  • Were you able to run the game?
  • How was the performance? At what graphics quality?
  • Any game breaking bug?
    • Thank you!


should have stated somewhere that the minimum requirement is OpenGL 3.2.

Hello! Thanks for your comment.

Unity, the game engine used for this game, has OpenGL Core and OpenGL2 compatibility. When you open the game it should detect which one fits for you.

Since it seems it is not working for you, I'll check it out!

It should work now. Give it a chance when you have some time.


I notice that the player just go crazy (rapid turning?) when it start to lag really bad.

That probably just means my computer just sucks too much to play this.

Yes, that's right. If the FPS drops below 10 the character becomes crazy. it is something I need to fix.

May I know your computer specs ?