DDay Normandy FPS free & open source

Hi all !!!

Here is an old game who work on linux since very very much time, but it was not instructions to compil the game on this os, it was very difficult.

Now I fix that, and create a realese who work normaly on every distributions.

So, the game is a FPS on the world war 2, there is 8 teams (German, British, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japan) with the sames units, but different weapons by teams.

There is some game mode like :

deathmatch : First who kill a number of enemies
capture : Capture a build behind some time
Objectives : Destroy some objectives, kill hitler, activate some stuffs for win
Progrees : Main is capture a flag or destroy objectives, when you touch the flag, the spawn is modified for all players, you progress on the map, if you arrive to the end, you win.

Basically, the game was a mod for quake2, but now, this game is only developed by the fans of the game. There is not anymore very much players on this game, because it is old, and because it was too difficult to install before too, but this game stay a good game for play with a friend, it is very funny, there is bots to play in solo player, and it run on very low computers and if you find some players online, it's too much funny, because they became like friends with time :) .

There is not a really official website, because the game is developed only by fans but this is some links :
DDayDev (development website of the game, main page is not updated, but communities still active)
French site
Chillian site(Spanish)
Facebook Page ( can sometime create events)

Here is the release that i create for the game, it's the last release of the game, me, I just compiled it correctly and create some instruction if anybody want to compil it himself.
Last release on GitHub
For install the, just extract the file archive where you want, and run DDaynormandy_linux_x84_64 or i386 in function of your arch.

If you have some problem to install or compil it you can join me by an issue on github, by sending a message on the facebook page, on irc.quakenet.org #ddayhome, or finaly on the DDayDev forum !

Youtube Italian vs USA gameplay
Youtube German vs British Gameplay



I finale flou d how to add thé game on thé data base. This website is really good !
Thann you.

I have a problem DDay presentation say that it is a game "closed source" but it is Opensource, and non commercial !

How to modifi that ?