Another Head Over Heels remix

Hi guys,

I just found another remix of the classic "Head Over Heels". It is different from the remake already submitted by tuxplayer. You can read more about it here:

I don't like the idea of submitting the game with the same name, as it would be confusing. But the game is very similar to the original and changing the name would be confusing too. Any ideas?

We could include the home URL in both versions. As an example.
Head Over Heels (
Head Over Heels (

The game is not called "Head Over Heels 2". I don't know why they used such URL for the site.

Thank you.
Best regards.


Having two games with the same name is confusing, i totally agree.

Your solution is a good idea. We will incorporate the suggested changes.


Head over Heels is a game by Jon Ritman from 1987 and from what i gathered both new versions are ports to modern operating systems with the original graphics and gameplay.

Ok, I've changed the name of HoH from retrospect, so you can now submit it.
And big thanks for finding this one, it looks really great and is open source, unlike that from retrospec ;)

I have submitted the game. Thank you very much.

I thought there was a problem when submitting because of the missing URL, this is why I tried to add the URL again. Then I saw pheonton had changed it. I am sorry for the added revisions. I won't perform any other changes.

I can not delete the revisions I just submitted. Can I?

When you submit new changes, they aren't immediately published. Instead they are waiting for approval, until some of the admins will have a chance to look at it (to prevent spamming and abusing) and make it visible for everyone (if you submit multiple changes, I can see all of them [of course, I will publish the latest version]).

By the way, pheonton, looks like it wasn't added to twitter/identica for some reason.

What about deleting - I bet you can't, but there's really no reason to do it.

it was on but i deleted it because the url was wrong (because of the changed title)