Suggested Games to include.


I'd like to see the games Penumbra ( and TileRacer ( to be included in the list.

Can't report more details now, due to lack of time.
Hopefully u'll include them tho.

Thanks and Regards, Tschaka


ok, i'll try to do within the next few days :)
thanks for your effort :)

I added a game called "Nimuh", but i got the entries wrong and added that this game is in the Debian und Ubuntu repositories, how do i change these entries?

And how do i add the screenshots, without placing them into the main text?

sorry, for now changing content is not possible for normal users. And adding picturs is also not possible cause for now they need to be uploaded vie FTP, but i'm currently looking for another possibility.

two are already listed, i had to update the database, so the search index was not up todate and you couldnt find the games:

[quote]i think that you should give the users the possibility to update/edit entries, otherwise i will be nearly impossible for you to keep the database up to date... Smiling[/quote]
good point, for now everyone who submitted a game is able to update the info, but i think about a sane way to expand the possibility.

Ciao, XOIE