User interface and general improvements

1) Make the "I play this game" button/link more prominent and easy to use
2) Fix the anticipated games feature (i.e make it do something, or change it)
3) Add a developing aspect to the site (My contributions, I contribute to this game, etc.)
4) More space for game icons/classifications/attributes (they seem a bit crowded now)
5) Different attribute icons (the current ones are a bit similar. The icons could resemble the genre, for instance)
6) Allow for more user contributions! (update games, listings etc.)

More to come!


1) Yes!
2) i will remove this feature. i thought it was necessary, cause voting on a game in early development stage seams inappropriate, but the alternative is not very intuitive.
3) sounds good but I'm not totally sure what u have in mind.
4) Yes! (probably Win, Mac, Linux icons are not so interesting and can be removed.)
5) Yes!
6) More user contributions means also more moderation, and I'm afraid that is not possible at the moment, but this is just a time question, it will come.

Thanks for the input! It's very much appreciated.