New game feature or game mode: 6DoF?

See here for an explanation.


which games in the db qualify for this feature/mode? all space games perhaps?
imho it is not necessary to add this, but maybe there are some good arguments to do so...

yeah, near all space games plus descent, forsaken, homeworld. you can use much better tactics to destroy your enemy(attack from top/below/behind).

does it simply mean no gravity? or more?

more, it means you can move in any direction at any time if you want, but right it is only possible with no gravity

>this is 6dof movement<

I do not agree. 6DoF means that you move independently from gravity, but it doesn't necessarily mean that everything else around you does as well

well, after seeing the video, i'm sure i don't want to play such a game, getting all confused and dizzy.... ;) i definetly want to know if a game works that way.
term 6DoF added as subgenre.