FreeSpace Port

FreeSpace Port

The FreeSpace Port is a user-made FreeSpace 2 port of the main Descent: FreeSpace campaign. The package ports all the mission, ship and weapon data from Descent: FreeSpace to FreeSpace 2 format, thus allowing FreeSpace 2 player to use ships and weapons from Descent: FreeSpace.

Silent Threat: Reborn is the flagship campaign of the FreeSpace Port. It is a complete re-imagining of the original Silent Threat campaign, featuring new missions as well as rewrites of the old missions, with an expanded and improved storyline. It is voice-acted and takes advantage of many FreeSpace Open features, though it is compatible with FreeSpace 2 Retail.

Minimum system requirements: 

HDD: ~1 - 3 GB, depending on what is installed.
AND: FreeSpace 2 or FreeSpace 2 SCP(FS2 data files+fs2_open+MediaVPs)



6DoF means up/down, left/right, forward/back, pitch, yaw and roll.

In FS2 you can't move left or right(strafing).

Well, FreeSpace isn't a real fps, but it's very similar to it.(its a shooter and you fly in first person view:) Maybe, we could add a space combat simulator tag for these games, but then we need another for space trading and combat simulator games like x²/³, VegaStrike... ... and then we can spit them again in first-person and third person view... - sub-categories are endless and confusing...

We already have a tag "flying" so what's the problem? Flying, 3D, simulation, space,... But not FPS of course. FPS is where you're walking.

>FPS is where you're walking.

false, have a look to these first person shooters descent, Hovertank 3D and forsaken

Wikipedia definition

First-person shooters are a type of 3D shooter game, featuring a first person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character

Wikipedia says "Before the popularity of first person shooters, the first person viewpoint was used in vehicle simulation games such as Battlezone."

FPS is any descendant of Wolf3D which was the first game of the genre.

Also Wikipedia says "Following the release of the influential Doom in 1993, games in this style were commonly termed "Doom clones";[7][8] in time this term has largely been replaced by "first person shooter""