more tools

Hi people! This is my first post at the forum, and a got a suggestion to make.

I think it would be useful to display tools that let players "emulate" games from windows on Linux and Mac, like links for Wine, PlayOnLinux, Cedega and CodeWeavers Games. Although games like Counter Strike and Spore ( random examples :P ) won't have an entry in the website, because that's not what it stands for, I think is good to let people know that there are still ways to play those games and the ones interested just click and follow the link to repective websites to learn more if they want.


Good idea! I have no experience with such tools, so if you like to give it a go.... i changed permission so you (and every one else) should be able to create a tool entry.

Cool :). If I got free time this weekend I might write someting in there.